Confidence by Otolo - 1 day Course

Confidence by Otolo - 1 day Course

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Why Confidence:

Results from the Confidence and Self Belief Statistics, taken from a survey in February 2021, showed the following: 

  • More than half of young people often worry about what others think of them 

  • Two thirds of Women are not confident in the ability to do their job, and 60% of Men feel the same (and feels that this holds them back) 

These are staggering and incredibly worrying statistics, they represent lost opportunities, ‘what ifs’ and a whole lot of people that are currently Languishing when they could (and should) be flourishing!  

I want you to imagine the teams, relationships, and world around us if we were to fix this issue of Confidence. 

Benefits of Confidence: 

  • Higher levels of Self-awareness 

  • Increased levels of motivation and drive
  • Higher resilience (personal, professional and other)  
  • Stronger relationships (personal, professional and other) 
  • Optimisation of core skills and strengths 

  • Ability to take FULL ownership of your growth, development and life 

 Key Learnings: 

  • Exploring and defining Confidence

  • An opportunity to identify our own confidence
  • To create a personal Confidence Kit to move forward with after the course ends: including tools and resources to come back to  

Take home: 

  • Confidence is not ‘one size fits all’, we need to see it as a tailored garment that we make to our own measurements, outlooks and goals  

  • Confidence is not a quick-fix and a ‘completed’ within this course, it is something we must reassess and review as we learn, grow and experience different life phases, having a Confidence Kit to return to is a must! 
  • Once we get a handle on our own Confidence, at the source, there is literally nothing that you cannot achieve