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We created Otolo as a place for everyone passionate about hospitality to reach their full potential within the industry. Through global community-learning, insight, mentoring, events and CPD accredited courses we believe you can thrive and create a long-term career pathway, no matter who you are, your level or your background.

The Otolo team came together because of the covid-19 crisis, but the seeds were planted in the years before as we pursued our own careers in hotels, events, dining, start-ups and tech.

“Our mission is clearer than ever – hospitality is a globally critical industry, accounting for 1 in 10 jobs. Many people aren’t attracted to the industry or are considering leaving, with only 1 in 5 considering a career within the sector. By gathering, curating and sharing the expertise of leaders, mentors and passionate hospitality people we offer a more innovative and inclusive industry, helping to develop and support everyone.” 

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