Hospitality’s had a tough time, and it’s not over yet…


Our industry is built on passionate people and hard-working teams, who deliver killer experiences across accommodation, events, food and drink

Without them, there is no hospitality

We’re in the middle of the single, biggest crisis the industry has ever faced. Businesses worldwide are closing their doors and we’re witnessing a mass exodus of talent, huge staff shortages and thousands of unanswered job ads. Hospitality education enrolment has plummeted as the industry fails to attract the aspirational leaders of tomorrow, which is only widening the talent gap in the industry

We’re on a mission to help hospitality thrive again…

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"We set up Otolo to help the businesses and individuals of hospitality"

"I'm James, founder and CEO at Otolo, and like you, the pandemic turned my and my team's careers upside down. We set up Otolo to help hospitality businesses rebuild strong teams, and so individuals can share, connect and network, so by working together we can rebuild our industry. Take a look below at how we can help you."

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We already support some of world's biggest hospitality brands and thousands of collaborators in the world's fastest growing hospitality community

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We've got a pool of exceptional hospitality mentors, ready to make an impact on you and your business

Rocco Bova

Managing Director

Charlotte Rebers

Front Office Manager

Sarah Powell

HR Director

Erik Eklund

Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Coach

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“The genuine kindness and openness on the platform is so refreshing. You can really connect with anyone, no matter where you are in your career.”

Fred Schaub, Lumax Digital, Ex-Marriott & Rolex