Reshaping The Hospitality Industry At The Other House

Reshaping The Hospitality Industry At The Other House

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, the future Other House Private Members Club will open its doors to the public in Spring 2024.

Hosted this morning by the inspiring Founder and CEO Naomi Heaton and team, we were lucky enough to be invited by Craig Prentice, founder of talent partner mum, and recent partner and host of our Early Careers Campaign, to hear from the expansive refurbishing project taking place at this massive empty venue. 

Building a new brand and a future-proof venue that puts consumer needs first it’s clear that the team at The Other House and the wider hospitality industry are redefining hospitality through shared values – community, sustainability, local communities, guests, residents and most importantly hospitality teams. “Our industry suffered for the past two years, and until the lockdown people were actually taking hospitality for granted – grabbing a coffee on the way to work, having lunch with friends.” – Mark Lewis, Chief Executive of Hospitality Action 

Mark told us that during 2020 Hospitality Action received over 21,000 applications from hospitality people asking for support with the charity providing grants worth over £2.5 million during the pandemic alone. Reading some personal notes from those who have helped there was a sense in the room that we need to continue to do more to support our hospitality people and new people coming into the industry.  

Still very much a work in progress, The Other House brand will be offering signature Club Flats alongside a destination bar, a bistro and a rooftop bar. The private Members’ Club will offer a restaurant and bar, a wellness centre, and a high-tech gym. Powered by progressive tech that puts the consumer in control, the landmark property is made up of seven separate historic buildings and the attention to detail is impeccable, from how they train and treat their staff through to guest experience and design, everything is perfectly curated. 

Sustainability is at the heart of the company’s values, as they use renewable energies and put effort into sourcing local products to promote British products. On the app, members will be able to control their stay and room features, know the levels of energy they consumed, and other exciting features for a smooth stay experience. As Naomi explained: “We want our members to be in control and feel like they can stay in their other house. That’s where the name ‘The Other House’ actually comes from.” 

On a human level, the brand has taken care of every possible detail, too, investing in its people’s personal development plans: “We want to breathe our values in everything we do for our team, providing them with a clear career structure. We also created a new and exciting interview process based on role-playing to improve the people’s experience with us.”  

While enjoying tasty pastries and granola we naturally networked with some of the top leaders from the industry, talking about how we redefine hospitality as a great industry and attract new talent. Champion of people first, Craig who we recently hosted our early careers campaign, is already a big advocate of working with partners who put people and values first. “When your values or what you believe is at the heart of what you do, I think it shows. When you have a purpose, you’re on the right path to success.”

Full of guests who are already positively redefining the industry including Kieron Bailey from EXP101 who discussed with our Head of Marketing, Luce Watson about putting younger leaders at the forefront of the industry, those who are championing people, wellbeing and values, in turn positively helping communities and individuals thrive. Joining Kieron at the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show in March we’ll be having a panel session with some special guests, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements soon. We also met for the first time Anna Ashmore, Head of Sales and Marketing at MJMK. Talking about Otolo, training, finding mentors and developing younger talents, Anna shared her concerns about finding ways to keep early careers engaged and thriving on a career pathway.

It’s clear we’re in a phase where we’re questioning the industry’s attractiveness to younger people and trying to retain those in early careers. And there are a ton of inspiring leaders already paving the way and redefining hospitality for guests through to our people. Maybe post Covid we’ve all realised how we’ve taken hospitality for granted. 

Our team is working hard to back up the industry where needed and encourage recruitment with the use of mentoring and peer-learning. By sharing knowledge, collaborating and collectively working together to find solutions we can help support new people coming into hospitality thrive and have long and successful careers within hospitality. 

By providing people with networking opportunities, speed mentoring, courses and hospitality insights we’re connecting people from across the globe with over 2,000 members and growing at speed. It’s time we joined forces to show just how amazing our industry truly is. It’s free to join us, sign up now and support all of our amazing hospitality people.