Naomi Hollas - Lobby Talks Review

By chris fletcher

Naomi Hollas - Lobby Talks Review

This blog series offers you a summary of our last Lobby Talks event. We’ll be including a recap of the event, along with exclusive insights and quotes that you can stick on your fridge to give you motivation.

Getting to know Naomi, an Enthusiastic and Positive Individual  

Naomi graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2019, and is now the Founder of Event Grads, a community and support network for Event Management students and graduates to share guidance and connect with one another.  

Local at Heart – The Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel   

We always start the Livestream with an explanation of the hotel lobby chosen by the guest; in this Lobby Talks, Naomi Hollas picked The Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow.  

“This is the Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow. This was my very first job when I started my event education and I moved to the Highlands in Scotland to Glasgow. It was my home for 3 and a half years. I had some of the best experiences which were what helped me through college and university. This is my second home. Other than the fact that the lobby is stunning, one of their values is ‘local at heart’, which hit home to me because I was able to be myself while also providing a 5-star service. I highly recommend even popping in for a coffee because it’s a stunning venue.

Next, Naomi ran us through her Career in 60 Seconds – She gives us a summary of her career.


An Encounter with Richard Gere – Career Highlights

The next section is called Good Day / Bad Day, where the guest describes a certain day that they remember in a positive way, and one in a negative way.   

“The best and worst day occurred on the same day, for me. While working at Blythswood Square, a lot of VIPs stayed at the hotel. I’m a big Pretty Woman fan, and Richard Gere was scheduled to come and stay. I was able to hold the elevator for him and he gave me a smile. I was over the moon. I hadn’t taken a break the whole day, and I came back 30 minutes later to my colleague who was telling me that he had served food to Richard and brought his luggage to his room. I was so gutted that I had decided to take a break. I debated never taking a break again.”

An Inn Built on Stilts – Last Day on Earth  

The premise for this section is imagining that the world is ending tomorrow, but you have VIP access to any hotel, restaurant or event. Where would you go and what would you eat?  

“My number one hotel is Fogo Island Inn based in Canada. This hotel is built on a structure that resembles the villages and its inspired by the community that its surrounded with. A lot of celebrities have stayed there and it is quite expensive but if I had to spend my last day, that is where I would go.Food-wise, when I moved to Glasgow, there was a family-owned Italian restaurant that served the most delicious food and had the best service. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive through the pandemic which was heart-breaking.If I were to go to one last event, it would be the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Scotland, which is where I started my career in events and festivals. It’s also where my family are from and I wrote my dissertation on it. If I were to do an Events Grads live event, I would love to have Donald Getz as my keynote speaker and I’d love to get people from Glastonbury along and get to know them. To have that one-in-a-lifetime experience together in Events Grads.”

The Guestbook  

Naomi shares her words of wisdom and advice.

Key Takeaways

Be proactive and anticipate opportunities.

Use your initiative – act instead of reacting.

Your network is very important.

Be kind and don’t expect anything in return.

The Checkout  

A huge thank you to Naomi for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us.

If you missed the Livestream and would like to watch it, here is the link: [Lobby Talks – Naomi Hollas]