[Mentor Interview] Marion Paturel, MCIPD, Expert In Learning & Development, Change, Culture

[Mentor Interview] Marion Paturel, MCIPD, Expert In Learning & Development, Change, Culture

Because we want you to meet more experts in hospitality, we thought you would like to meet Marion Paturel, MCIPD, one of our Otolo Mentors, to get to know more about her remarkable career in the luxury hotel industry! On Otolo, Marion can help you with Career Planning, HR, and Training and Development. 

In the early 2000s, Marion graduated from Vatel France and ESSEC with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Hospitality Administration and Management. Before becoming a consultant for global luxury hospitality businesses and settling in Wales today, Marion started working in 2004 at Sofitel in New York, then two years later, she moved back to Paris as an HR assistant for the Four Seasons George V Hotel and remained working for the Four Seasons group across the world the following twelve years. Marion’s experience led her to progress as a Learning Manager in the Maldives, then as a Learning & Development Manager in Four Seasons Park Lane, New York, and was promoted to Global Learning & Development Manager and Director in Four Seasons Toronto.  

We wanted you to get to know Marion a bit better, so we asked her a few questions to understand her vision of hospitality. 

Why do you think hospitality is a good career choice right now? 

Hospitality is a growing industry, it gives you a chance to work as a part of a team with a diverse group of people, travel (if you want!) and broaden your horizon! Most roles provide on-the-job training that will help you learn and build upon the essential skills that are required for career development and progression into a role with more responsibility. It also provides you with opportunities to change careers… you can start in Food & Beverage, move to Rooms and end up in Sales & Marketing. Not a lot of industries have that amount of flexibility! 

What advice would you share with younger people who just started a career in hospitality? 


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