[Mentor Interview] Robin Stuart, Founder Of Exceeding Expectations

[Mentor Interview] Robin Stuart, Founder Of Exceeding Expectations

We’re passionate about connecting people from all over the industry, at Otolo. Giving our mentors a chance to share their expertise, and give our members an idea of who they are, what impact they have in the hospitality sector, their career achievements and what they’re looking for in a mentee. 

That means, as a member, you know what you’re getting when you connect with a mentor like Robin Stuart, Founder of Exceeding Expectations, who has extensive knowledge and experience in management within the Hospitality Industry and Private Service. ‘The working practice of a House Manager is based on trust and confidentiality’, and Robin has been fortunate to hold positions of responsibility, where maintaining these standards was of the utmost importance.

Robin undertook further training to provide formal training in Butling & Household management (preparing Staff Manuals, setting up Household Standards, Housekeeping, HR, working with outside contractors, etc.). In that regard, Robin has run exciting training projects in London, Riyadh, Las Vegas, PR China, Tokyo, Singapore, Jamaica, Dominican Republic & St Lucia, which has broadened his skills set. 

We wanted you to get to know Robin a bit better so we asked him a few questions to understand his vision of hospitality.

Why do you think hospitality is a good career choice right now? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the People (Staff, Guests & Clients) interaction that ensued during my Hospitality career path, & I have never hesitated in recommending the Hospitality Industry.

What advice would you share with younger people who just started a career in Hospitality? 

Whilst the work may involve long hours with hectic service & few staff to assist – the highs you experience, far outweigh the lows!!

What’s your secret to a good career & personal development plan? 

To be Cool, Calm & Collective – to also understand the benefits of proper Communication.

What did the pandemic teach you about hospitality that you didn’t know? 

Whilst the pandemic seriously diminished the industry, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

How should someone approach you to become your mentee & what makes a great mentee? 

To connect via Otolo & email. A great Mentee is someone who is willing to put the Customer first, & able to interact with everyone!

What have you learned so far since you joined Otolo? 

That there are many people within our industry who want to help others & give something back!

Where did your work take you throughout your career so far? Any nice places or destinations? 

Europe, Middle East, Far East & the Caribbean.

What’s your favourite hotel or place for a holiday? 


Anything you do to get ready for work?  

Smile 😀.

Any book recommendations?  

Customer Service for Hospitality & Tourism – Simon & Louise Hudson.

How do you ensure your day is productive?  

Talk to Staff & Guests regularly.

What does your average week look like?  


What is the best aspect of the hospitality industry?  

For every staff member to work within a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. 

What is the best career decision you’ve ever made? 

To work in Private Service as a Butler/House Manager.