7 Reasons Why Apprenticeship Can Help Start A Career In Hospitality

7 Reasons Why Apprenticeship Can Help Start A Career In Hospitality

At Otolo, we work to empower students and graduates towards careers in Hospitality. We encourage you to chase your dream opportunities, and a great way to get a foot in the door is through Apprenticeships. First, consider signing up to our Level 2 in Hospitality Skills to gain confidence & support from our mentors here at Otolo 

Did you know there are approximately 719,000 apprentices in England since 2019/2020? Apprenticeship is a great manner to apply knowledge to the needs of a startup or a company. It helps you determine whether you wish to continue working in this field or switch to learn something else. But being an apprentice highly enriches your CV and employability when you’ve completed it, amongst other benefits. Here are 7 reasons why choosing an apprenticeship will help you start a career in Hospitality.

Work experience

Hospitality is all about people, and learning to fulfil (and even pre-empt) the needs, wants and desires of your customers and clients. It can be overwhelming at first, to learn where you best fit, some employers may be open to a rotational role during the course of your apprenticeship. For example, working in front of the house (FOH) for the first half of your apprenticeship, and back of the house (BOH) for the latter half.

Network, network, network 

The hospitality industry is huge, but accessible at the same time. Starting an Apprenticeship will give you a foot in the door with colleagues you work with in person and platforms like OTOLO make communication and building connections easy. Joining our community – for free – will give you the opportunity to ask questions to industry professionals and browse helpful resources shared by others. 

No debt  

In the UK, the average student who completes a degree faces around £35,000 of debt by the end of their course. However, undertaking a Level 6 (Degree) apprenticeship means the fees will be split between the government and the employer (95% to 5%). 

Earn a salary

Your employer will be paying you a salary, along with an average of 28 days’ annual leave. Starting April 2022, the apprentice’s minimum wage will be £4.81 – a 12% increase from 2021You will find the majority of employers will offer more than the minimum wage. Some apprenticeships offer an annual or bi-annual salary review, which means that your salary could increase depending on your performance levels.

Learn from experts in Hospitality

Taking on a role as an Apprentice shows tenacity & curiosity. You will be privy to effective problem-solving methods directly used by colleagues. Superiors will be more than happy to answer any questions and I am sure will be impressed by your observation skills and keenness to learn! At OTOLO, we run our weekly ‘Lobby Talks’ live streaming event that invites new hospitality professionals each week to talk about their careers and provide guidance.  

Job prospects  

Your employer might decide to offer you a full-time position upon the completion of your apprenticeship. Some companies even offer a personal mentor to help you with work-related questions and concerns. You will also have access to training and a mentor from your university. However, if you decide to move to another company, the experience that you gained will look attractive to potential employers. For those who would like to run their own business in the future, choosing an apprenticeship will provide you with invaluable experience and help you to understand better how a business works.

Be ahead of full-time students 

If you’ve completed your A-Levels, BTEC or other high-school-equivalent qualifications whilst participating in an Apprenticeship, you will naturally have a competitive advantage over peers who may be solely completing full-time degrees. Apprenticeships are suitable for you regardless of age, as long as you’re not in full-time education.   


Apprenticeships can be a good door-opener for those who want a career change. If you want to earn a salary, study at university without accumulating any debt, gain valuable work experience in hospitality and improve your job prospects, undertaking an apprenticeship may be the right choice for you!