5 Ways Mentoring Can Help Save Hospitality

5 Ways Mentoring Can Help Save Hospitality

Mentoring has the ability to solve the hospitality staffing crisis, so let’s use it! The current labour shortage requires a multi-faceted solution. Mentoring can play a part in this solution – find 5 ways it can provide a solution below. Let’s use mentoring as a secret weapon in hospitality’s resurgence!

1. Be inspired

People are no longer excited about a career in hospitality.

Mentoring acts as a source of career inspiration. Exposing everyone to the potential careers and successes they can achieve. Inspiration is needed to draw people into the industry and to motivate others to build a career within it. Hospitality careers often lack a clear path to ‘success’, and a senior mentor can help guide people down their own path.

In such a diverse industry, it can be hard to connect with people who have the same career ambitions. Mentoring moments can connect clerks to hoteliers, data enthusiasts to hospitality analysts, and home cooks to head chefs.

Let mentoring open people’s minds and allow people to see the possibilities of success in the hospitality industry.

2. Solutions from a reliable source

Mentoring can also breed business solutions. Facilitating cross-corporation discussions enables collaborative thinking and results in innovative solutions for new problems. And I don’t need to explain how many new problems the industry is facing!

Most importantly, mentoring creates new connections. Networks are great assets when seeking a solution. Whether a business solution or career advice is needed, having a broad network means you have more people to provide such wisdom.

3. Career guidance from someone who’s already done it

Mentoring not only inspires new people to enter the industry but it facilitates rapid progression within the industry to ensure a holistic solution to the staffing crisis. Ensuring that individuals can quickly progress in their careers ensures that there is enough executive staff within businesses.

4. Real support from people that can relate

It has never been more important to look after your well-being at work. Mentoring provides a unique approach to well-being, supplying individuals with an external point of contact for issues they are facing. Having someone to talk to that understands your work but is not directly involved with your day-to-day life can be extremely beneficial.

The hospitality staffing crisis has highlighted how pivotal workers are to this industry. Workers need to be valued, and feel valued. Having a mentor can increase an individual’s sense of value and help retain them in the industry.

5. Mutal mentoring; it’s always a two-way street

Mentoring does not just benefit the more junior person in the relationship. It allows all people involved to benefit from other perspectives and fresh ideas. You can learn to be a better manager by understanding what those below you want or you can use it to make companywide policies based on front desk experiences.

Mentoring helps upskill, inspire and support everyone throughout the business, creating a complete and enthusiastic workforce that can revive the hospitality industry.

We believe that the hospitality crisis needs a solution that inspires new people to come and stay in the industry, provides innovative solutions to industry problems, and which increases the well-being of hospitality staff. Mentoring provides this. Mentoring can solve the hospitality staffing crisis.