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Let's get to know Franck a little bit better, his biggest accomplishments and how he has made it

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We scheduled a four-part webinar series for early careers to understand the industry, how to optimise their CV,

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A good mentoring programme can significantly improve staff engagement, retention and happiness. But a bad mentoring programme can

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2020 and 2021 were the hardest years for the hospitality industry. The majority of the world entered into

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We’re passionate about connecting people from all over the industry, at Otolo. Giving our mentors a chance to

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We welcomed Carmen Mallo for a new episode of Lobby Talks, and we were amazed by her background

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The latest Hotel Tech Awards presented excellent and cutting-edge tools that are pioneering the future of hotel tech,

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According to National Mentoring Day, 93% of SMEs acknowledged that mentoring helped them to succeed in 2021. At

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[Mentor Stories] At Otolo, we love to hear from our mentors' stories. Chris Godenir, General Manager of The

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We welcome Dee Burrowes for a new episode of Lobby Talks, and we were amazed by her brilliant