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Write with us: become an Otolo Content Ambassador 

04/04/2022 Audrey Langevin Comments Off

We are delighted to have you amongst our Otolo community and would love it if we could amplify each other’s work in hospitality. By choosing mentoring, you help thousands of like-minded people grow their careers and reshape hospitality. To support that joint effort, let’s create content together! Producing content with us is an opportunity to… 

  • Shed some light on your profile, your company, your achievements, and your career passions. 
  • Help us keep on building the future of Hospitality by attracting more Mentors and Mentees to join our platform. 
  • Raise engagement with your content by triggering member discussion and contribution. 

How to support Otolo? 

Content collabs 

  1. Let’s write something together! We write a piece together articulated around common interests, missions or our seven content pillars: Insights, People, Mentoring, Careers, Networking, Inspiration, Resources. We will publish the piece on each other’s blogs, newsletters and/or social channels.  

Examples: Women in Hospitality with hertelier | Lessons from Honest Burgers 

  1. Guest blogging: We write one piece specifically for your blog or media, and/or you write one piece for ours, around what’s relevant to your audience and/or ours.  
  1. Blog exchange: We write one piece adapted to your editorial line to be published on your platform, and vice versa, so it gives both our channels the visibility they deserve in the hospitality industry. 
  1. Republishing your content: With your permission, we republish an article we find interesting by adding the author’s name and link to the original content, so it’d give your company visibility on our channels. 

Tell us what you would like to write about here. 

📢 Spread the word 

Celebrate! Share any Otolo content that you find interesting by: 

  1. Adding a paragraph about our mission in an existing or future article or on your blog/website and we can do the same for your company. 
  1. Adding a backlink redirecting to our website in an existing or future article or on your blog/website and we can do the same for your company. 
  1. Liking, commenting and sharing our posts or content on your social channels and we can do the same for your company. 

Examples: Lessons from Honest Burgers | 6 ways to level up your career | Alec Dalton and Lobby Talks | Fifty Shades Greener | Limber  


Let’s do a podcast together! Our Founder, James Lemon, is always delighted to spread the word about his background, and the Otolo mission, share his hospitality expertise and discuss current challenges in the industry. Examples: Timothy Put The Kettel On | Hospitality Meets… James Lemon | The Cafe Hustle 

Interested in any of the above?
Contact [email protected] or submit a blog here.

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