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[Mentor Interview] Nicola Harrison, Co-owner of Albacore Workplace Dining 

05/04/2022 Kieron Bailey Comments Off

Because we want you to meet more experts in hospitality, we thought you would like to meet Nicola Harrison, one of our Otolo Mentors, to get to know her incredible background in the industry!  

Nicola graduated from Napier University, Edinburgh, with a BA in Catering & Accommodation Studies and has been working in the catering industry providing workplace dining within Scottish businesses and organisations. She worked for companies like Sodexo or the Compass Group where she gained grassroots experience which led her to co-own Albacore in Scotland where she focuses on business development, recruitment and development, and client retention.  

“I have gained so much pleasure and benefitted personally from meeting new people, learning about, and rolling out new food innovations within our sites, and operating my own company! I have had to be hands-on, react to customer culture and habits, and understand what is important to our customers as they follow new food trends. I have enjoyed nurturing the talent within our organisation through development and promotion. This is what has prompted me to join Otolo and connect with like-minded people within this fast-paced, people-centric, service-oriented, exciting, and rewarding industry.” 

Nicola Harrison

We wanted you to get to know Nicola a bit better, so we asked her a few questions to understand her vision of hospitality. 

Why do you think hospitality is a good career choice right now? 

Hospitality encompasses so many different paths, including craft-based, housekeeping, reception, food and beverage, sales and marketing, maintenance, HR, and concierge, to name but a few. People are now starting to venture out again and looking for great travel and social experiences. 

What would be your advice for younger people who have just started a career in hospitality? 


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