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[Mentor Interview] Manish Gupta, CFO at Myanmar Hospitality Management Group

07/06/2022 Kieron Bailey Comments Off

Who are our mentors? We thought you would like to know them better, which challenges they experienced in their careers, their achievements, and key learnings that they would like to share with our members. Let us introduce you to Manish Gupta, a finance and growth superstar in our industry!  

Positive individual and knowledgeable accountant, Manish has been providing clients with his expertise for over 10 years. On Otolo, he is happy to help with anything related to Finance, Audit, Risk Management, and Hotel Operations. On top of that, if you have any questions related to hotel finance and revenue management, Manish can advise you on ERP implementation, monthly reporting, budgeting, forecasts, P&L analysis, and more.  

His growth approach to business has always proved him right when it comes to boosting a company’s overall productivity and cost efficiencies without compromising quality. Manish joined Otolo because he is passionate about learning and development as he recently founded an online hotel learning platform where he regularly organises sessions with startups, hoteliers, and other industry professionals. We wanted you to get to know Manish a bit better, so we asked him a few questions to understand his vision of hospitality. 

Why do you think hospitality is a good career choice right now? 

Hospitality is an evergreen industry serving the basic need of humans. The need to socialise, be connected, celebrate, and feel safe and comfortable. Right now, hospitality is evolving to include technology and personalisation while providing a human touch. 

What advice would you share with younger people who just started a career in hospitality? 

I would like to advise that youngsters should keep human service alive by always being themselves and creating real connections with guests instead of just following standard procedures. 

What is your secret to a good career and personal development plan? 

Keep learning and exploring. Keep yourself challenged and never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. 

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