How can Otolo Mentoring Plans help you?

We've ripped up the mentoring rule book

We know traditional mentoring just doesn't work. We've designed five, uniques steps that give you the interactions, information and tools make mentoring a success for you and your team

Otolo Mentoring Plans are the most engaging and rich form of development, the perfect match for the experience lead industries like hospitality

You’ll attend events and speak with industry experts that can best help you reach your goals as quickly as possible

We do this with the knowledge and experience of our 100+ vetted mentors, from a diverse and broad background across the hospitality spectrum and beyond



The best way for you to get plugged into the global hospitality community

What you get
  • Get connected to our hospitality community of 1000’s
  • Attend community events on key industry topics
  • Create your own events, privately or for the whole community
  • Access to forums; ask questions and get guidance
  • Read & share blogs
  • Browse or post jobs
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Per Mentee Per month

Take control of your personal development & grow your professional network

What you get

Community Package Plus…

  • Bespoke six-week roadmap to set you up for success
  • Mentor matching based on your profile
  • Unlimited connections from hundreds of vetted Otolo Mentors
  • First-hand guidance & support Otolo Mentors
  • Exclusive access to all Otolo Masterclass events
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We’ll curate a world-class, custom plan to fit your specific needs

What you get

Gold Package Plus…

  • Bespoke matching events and continued guidance throughout
  • Custom sourced mentors
  • Bespoke Masterclass Events, designed to help reach your goals
  • Face-to-face catch ups with our team
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