[Mentor Interview] Adriana Talaba, Therapist, Personal Development Coach

[Mentor Interview] Adriana Talaba, Therapist, Personal Development Coach

We’re passionate about connecting people from all over the industry, at Otolo. Giving our mentors a chance to share their expertise, and give our members an idea of who they are, what impact they have in the hospitality sector, their career achievements and what they’re looking for in a mentee.

Adriana is a Therapist and a Coach in wellbeing at work. For the past 25 years, Adriana has been contributing to people’s wellbeing. She initially started as a nurse, developed her career in social work, and in the last 6 years, she became a therapist, coach and trainer. Adriana graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, has a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counseling and is currently completing a level-5 diploma in the same field.

Today, her business Transmute Wellbeing offers professional coaching, consultancy, training in hypnotherapy, talking therapies, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), psychotherapeutic coaching, personal development workshops using creative art tools and inner work. We wanted you to get to know Adriana a bit better so we asked her a few questions to understand her vision of hospitality… 

Why do you think hospitality is a good career choice right now? 

In a challenging environment, there is a great deal of opportunity to learn, innovate and grow stronger. There are hidden gifts in the middle of the challenge, creating great opportunities for an innovative and upgraded way of offering hospitality services.

What advice would you share with the younger when you started? 

To be curious, explore and keep an open mind. To align with personal values when it comes to the career chosen.

What’s your secret for a good career & personal development plan?

Mental fitness, self-awareness, confidence, motivation and a supportive network. Alignment with the organisational and team values.

What did the pandemic teach you about hospitality that you didn’t know? 

That there are other ways of practising and that working together for the benefit of the customer is very important.

How should someone approach you to become your mentee & what makes a great mentee? 

Someone who wants to improve performance, manage stress, conflicts and relationships at work and with customers. Someone who wants to improve the efficiency and impact in work whilst managing well the personal energy levels. Managers who want to improve performance in the team or front-line workers who want to work on their work/life balance.

What have you learned so far since you joined Otolo? 

That my knowledge and skills can support the improvement of the hospitality industry by improving the motivation, wellbeing, focus and innovation of the employees in the business.

Where did your work take you to throughout your career so far? Any nice places or destinations? 

I do not work in hospitality, however, I travel a lot and I have the other side view, as a customer and a tourist.

What’s your favourite hotel or place for a holiday? 


Anything you do to get ready for work? 

I take some time to prepare myself emotionally and physically, to be present and responsive to what is around, resourceful and ready to act.

Any book recommendations? 

The Four Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz.