Why This Plan is Awesome

Hospitality is an exciting and fast paced industry, but that can often mean it’s difficult to dedicate the time and energy you need to progress your career and make that crucial first step into leadership.

Our ‘First Step to Leadership’ mentoring plan allows your team access and learn with some of the most influential and experienced mentors in hospitality. Your people get the essential support and guidance they need, in the richest form possible; first-hand knowledge from those that have been there and done it. Let your people be inspired and guided by our mentors, empowering them to take their next professional step sooner, with the confidence they need.

This plan works equally as well as a stand-alone plan for individuals or teams, or complements existing, internal programmes or training.

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Learn Directly From Industry Experts

Have a look through some of the world-class, hospitality mentors you'll meet if you take part in this Otolo Mentoring Plan