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8 reasons to build connections and communities in hospitality

29/04/2022 Kieron Bailey Comments Off

Working remotely encouraged the need for people to stay connected, to be a part of a community. Why? Because it is a powerful way for people to build relationships in a faster, more scalable way. Building a community helps people help each other by maintaining healthy connections and long-term meaningful relationships.  

So why is it beneficial to build your network and join learning communities? How does it impact your career development? We explore reasons why it is essential to refer to the knowledge of like-minded peers and take ownership of your self-development.  

Get out of your comfort zone 

When you surround yourself with others working toward a similar goal or objective, you motivate each other to push yourselves and go beyond your limits much more than you would have done on your own. When others believe in you and support you, you get innovative ideas, and you are more inspired. A group of individuals can expose you to a diversity of fresh ideas, skills, opinions, and personalities. There is always something new to learn from your community members. You just have to try it! 

“Building a great community is fundamentally about creating an ecosystem in which people produce meaningful work, can thrive, are motivated to keep growing, and can help sustain the future success of the community. Doing this well is all about understanding the drivers and motivations of people and using tech to address and harness those drivers and motivations. Do not let tech dominate your thinking.” ― Jono Bacon, People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand, and Teams 

You cannot get everything from your boss 

If your boss hires you, it is to take some weight and responsibilities off his or her shoulders. You were hired for your valuable skills and your potential in growing the company, but your boss will not have all the keys to help you reach the company’s targets, you will. That is why joining relevant learning communities, or even having a mentor in your network will help you learn what you do not know and get fresh perspectives in your career or your role. Connect with people who are in your industry to share key knowledge, and experience, and work on solving problems together. 

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